Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roses for you and me

Our handicraft paper has a number about roses/flowers in different areas and type of handicraft.Hopefully I have it in my postbox tomorrow.Today they had on their site a pattern I did this evening.No,no words yet but hopefully before the weekend. I made it in linen fabric and red in DMC 3685 and green in 3362.You can choose your favourite color and it seems the designer used at least 3 different colours on the roses. http://www.hemslojd-tidningen.se/2012/05/28/diagram-till-rosenbroderi/

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Alma said...

Hujja, hur är det möjligt att vara så duktig, kreativ och flitig som du? Tack för att du också har tid för mig ibland! Härligt med macka på FH med dig. Hoppas på repriser!!!