Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday morning with flowers and a green garden

Early morning,02.40-02.50 and I couldn't sleep so what to do but enjoy the silent landscape.Among the first things promising a summer is a tree in a garden very near our house.Soft pink.What a great joy. From the student lunch a wonderful flower decoration.They are going to brighten up our weekend a lot. The sun is shining.Hard to get a good photo but hopefully you can imagine the daylight we nearly have 24 houres(day and night). The first flower in "påsöm" ,liksidig plattsö's something I learned during my visit in Dala-Floda where they have many flowers on the female folkart clothes.


Alma said...

Ja det var en vacker morgon idag. Skönt att slippa regnet fast det inte alls är varmt.

The little book of Nessie said...

Such a pretty blossom tree. I am glad for you that your weather is warming up. Here in Victoria,
Australia it is getting colder as we start our winter brrrr! Regards, Nessie