Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday October 7

Vera Vinter,a swedish singer from our area ,sang a song,Paris,about her grandmother Iris.She was the one who always had time even if she had a lot to do.She was taking care of her children and grandchildren and she was picking berries and learnt the sounds of different birds but.............she never was in Paris.Maybe she never talked about what's now so normal f ex to travel to famous places in the world.Maybe she got her happiness from her family,friends and the landscape she was living inShe said she had lived her life and her granddaughter wondered what she thought of when she closed her eyes for ever.
Still I´m knitting socks and the last pair is in pink silk and wool yarn in a simle pattern but I love it. I made them longer than as the little baby is moving and moving. The autumn is really with us now and the colours are more and more yellow.

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