Sunday, December 02, 2012

The first Sunday in December and an ornament from my swap partner in SSCS

The first Sunday in December and we have been doing some preparations.we have only a few houres od daylight and therefore this is something we have been longing for.The photo is from the time I had my breakfast at 08.10.A silent morning listening to music on and you scroll down and you can choose P2 klassisk musik P4 Bjällerklang After a cup of tea I also was knitting some rows on a pair of socks.This has been a good morning.
This little ornament and the card is from my swap partner in SSCS,arranged by Just before Christmas we also can open packages our partner has sent to us.Exciting.My partner is from Australia,a lon long way from here.Thank you so much Cheryl for the ornament.

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