Thursday, June 06, 2013

June 6 and the swedish national day

We are celebrating the swedish national day today and we also celebrate a lovely summer day and our home is brightened up by a new little quilt made by a dear friend,also a pen friend since many years,from Japan.We have had peace in our country since 1809.Yes,there are things we have to go on working with so many more people can live under better circumtances but we also have to be thankful for many things.Wish you all a nice summertime.


Heidi said...

Så vacker den är!!

iHanna said...

Lovely photos, and a great day this year with all the sunshine. :-)

Alma said...

Så här i början av augusti får jag äntligen lite ensam datortid, den är oftast hårt begränsad. Hoppas din sommar fortfarande är fin och att vi kan ses typ nästa vecka kanske?