Sunday, September 01, 2013

September.Wellcome back to my blog after a long vacation.

The redberries are just so wonderful this time a year.The knitting season is here.First of all I want to show you the wonderful wristwarmers I'v got from a dear friend a long way from here.I hope you can see the small beads she has used on the thin grey yarn..It's cute but hard to get a photo of.Thank you dear M. During the autumn I have to do some gifts for members of the family.Hopefully these wristwarmers are going to be to somebody.


heidi said...

Vilka fina handledsvärmare du har fått! så fint det var med pärlorna!

och vilka fina handledsvärmare du har gjort:) men det är ju säsong för det nu när september har kommit:)

Alma said...

De blir väl perfekta till svärdottern!