Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Valentine heart in cross stitch

It's the first cross stich for 2014.I felt so happy to do this for a Valentine swap friend .It's done on linen fabric with DMC (cotton) 814,2 strands.This colour is one of my favourites.The pattern is something I have found on internet for some years ago and I have no link to it. While I was participating in the embroidery course I had no time for just stitchin a little item but now I have.Hopefully I can do one little item during January. We have very cold days just now ,about - 29 C so it's so perfect sitting inside doing some embroidery or knitting some rows on the white blanket,now with 2 rows of blue every 20 rows. Wish you all a nice new week. PS.I had to change picture as I saw that 1 had missed 1 cross stitch. DS


annemarlen said...

Så sött hjärta!
Kameran ljuger aldrig :)

Fy vad kallt nu har det däruppe, hörde på radion att Karesuando hade - 41 inatt. Brr. Här är kring -5till -10, det känns mer lagom.

Ha det gott, kram från Anne-Marlen

heidi said...

så vackert motivet är!!