Saturday, January 25, 2014

A very special day

We have had a very special Friday at work with many exhibitions of different companies in our village where they showed what they are working with and the students also could learn more about different types of work we have in our region.Maybe somebody found a work or an idea what to study.We also had guests talking about their lives and what they are working with and how they reached their goals.We all have to believe in our ideas and we have to take some chances too.Maybe you can find the way to your goal or find another one. It was early morning when I came to my work and we could see snow art and fires giving us positive signals.Very very nice and so wellcome.And the day was very inspiring in many ways.Some of our art students had made dresses,maybe not so wearable ,made by materials from the nature or from the "stash" on the way to the dump yard.From these you are getting ideas foe a wearable dress for a party.Well maybe not a winterparty.Yesterday we had - 30C outside but maybe for a summer party dress for somone.They also had an exhibition of paintings and other types of art. Today it's Friday and I have been knitting on the blanket for charity and having a cup of tea.It's a tea I'v got from a dear friend and it reminds me of the Christmas time. Last Sunday we said goodbuy to the Christmas and now we are looking forward more daylight and sunshine.But we only have 11 months to the Christmas 2014.Maybe the right time to start making some gifts now?What about you?For this year I did only half of the things I eas going to do.

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heidi said...

vilket spännande projekt att ställa ut mitt i smällkalla vintern!

det där med att göra julklappar i tid är en god idé, som oftast slutar med att man står där några dagar innan och undrar vart tiden tog vägen:)