Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wish you all a lovely Sunday

The autumn is here and with that the flowers often are yellow and orange in our garden.The yellow flowers are going to be the front part of a little cushion for our home.Still there are more to do and now when the vacation is over there are going to be some few ones more.To make all these flower is a little bit crazy as it takes a lot of time to do but it's very relaxing too.Often I need to have something to focus on.You also can see a result,even if it's a little thing you have done. A new pair,ready to wear, and I really love both the simple pattern and the lovely soft yarn.These socks already are my favotite ones.As I only used one skein and some meters from the second one and 2 skeins in the stash I'm going to do something else,eventually socks and a little shawl. Wish you all a relaxing Sunday and a nice new week.


Umme Yusuf said...

Love the hexagon flowers, great work!

Heidi said...

Stjärnorna är så fina! Du har verkligen varit noggrann när du har sytt ihop dom! det skall bli så roligt att få se hur kudden blir när den blir klar!

så skönt med ett par vackra sockar att dra på sina fötter nu när det börjar bli kyligare ute:)

Heidi said...

Jag kan förstå att du hoppat på Torirots mysteryknitting! Hon är en jätteduktig designer, och det skall bli jättespännande att se vad hon hittar på den här gången!