Friday, July 31, 2015

The first day in August

An ordinary day with my grandchild.It has been so wonderful to take a walk along the river with him.He has been sleeping a lot but he also has been a little social .In the evening I have had time to knit ,mostly the socks.The res/pink ones are done this summer but the black ones are from a "second sock syndrom" but now they also are ready .Now I have new socks for the autumn and winter and that's really nice.Hopefully I'm finding new patterns and new yarn to use later this year too.I'm a big fan of handmade socks.


Jane McLellan said...

Me too, and I love yours!

annemarlen said...

Härligt med lilla barnbarnet. Och sköna sockor till hösten, bra :)

Ha det gott!