Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrating the first year of being a " farmor",grandmother.

I'm so blessed having friends who during this year have been giving me gifts.The small teddy bears  are from a dear friend  in Japan.The third little one is something I bought some years ago.When we are using Skype our little grandchild he makes a big smile looking a these small friends.So happy.
I have been a member of a swap on Ravelry too and this is what my friend sent me.2 skeins of  wool yarn from Ullcentrum in a very good quality, a knitting pattern for mittens,Lotus Mittens.And red tea.Wow this is so wonderful.Thank you S.

Next week I have holidays and I'm going to do some knitting and embroidery but I'm also going to do some stick walking and other winter sports.And yes I'm going to write some letters to friends.This morning we have  - 14C and it seems to come more snow too.Small snow flings are falling down on our snowy landscape in the north of Sweden

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