Friday, January 07, 2005

Hello Kitty knitalong

Ullas Fiber Blog

Hello all

I hope all my friends reading my blog has seen this wonderful knitalong.We hope to meet you there.


Chie said...

I'll see ya there! :)))
Are you gonna try to make all? I might just make some of them since I don't have little girls around me so I will be making them for myself. :D

Ulla said...

Oh Chie-my boys are grown ups so I'll knit the small things as presents.It's so wonderful to do small things,happy-doing-things.
I hope I can do bags for myself and if there are other things in the right size I really want to do it but perhaps not everything in pink.I think I can do a smaller block for application on something.I also think I can do some embroidery in cross-stitc and red- or bluework.
Have a nice weekend.