Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

Ullas Fiber Blog

I want to show you the lovely presents I'v got from my winter Secret Pal on Crochetville,Lori Carlsson.
I just love the doily she has made for me in my favourite colours.And the DMC in different qualities and different colours.
As I do crochet,embroidery ,knitting,patchwork,knitting.....I really know the good quality and the many different colours they have,they are lovely to "paint"with them ,even to crochet and knitting.Cross-stitch is one of my many passions.

Yesterday I started to do a cloth,cross-stitch on linen/cotton.The patterns are printed on the cloth and it takes only a few hours to do.

We have had a lovely day with snow and not so cold .This morning I started with organization of yarns and fabrics and I'm very rich.Everywhere I found kits or...materials for projects not done and not possible to do if you only have one life.
I'm going to start a new knitting on Friday.Until then have a wonderful time.Enjoy life and take care of you and your family and friends



Heather said...

Great job on the new blog! I can't wait to read more about your projects. What a nice gift from your secret pal! Have a wonderful day!

Ulla said...

Thank you Heather for your lovely words.
Yes I really want to tell more about the new project when I have done a little more.

Oslofia said...

Hi Ulla, What a nice gift you got. I've just entered the nordic secret pal, soo I'm looking forward to send and receive 4 gifts this spring. Have a great day =)

Ulla said...

Nice to hear you also are in the nordic swap,I'm also and I'v got a norwegian first secret friend.So exciting to find out more about her.As I can see she has no homepage.

Yes I really love these things,I'm very happy over having Lori as a secret friend.She has really done a fantastic work for me,she has analysed my wishes and done and bought presents I really wished.

Chie said...

That is one beautiful doily! You are so lucky! Hehe. By the way, it is really exciting you finally have a blog! :)