Sunday, January 23, 2005

started to knit mittens

Ullas Fiber Blog

Hello all friends.

Now I have started to knit the lovely mittens in Hello Kitty Along.I just love the beautiful collection.This week I try ti knit at least an hour every day.

My week has been a week full of activities both in school and at home.On my course in textile handicraft we started bobin lace and I started to do lace in green-yellow colours.I really enjoy it and I hope I can do a tablecloth with cross-stitch and lace on linen fabric as a tribute to spring....well we have winter until April/May so...

I wish you a creative nice week


Chie said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing your mittens! (^^)

Ulla said...

Thank you Chie for your comments.I just started the second one.I have to do a little heart ,embroidery in white,on the mitten too.I have done them in size 3 years so someone can have them a longer time.Up here we have to cold in the winter but in autumn and spring these mittens are wonderful.

Oslofia said...

Hi Ulla, I removed your postings on the Hello Kitty knitalong blog (hope that was okay). I'm looking forward to see your mittens =)

Ulla said...

Thank you oslofia.I'm really a beginner.