Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Hello all

I have had a busy week but I have done the mittens ready but no embroidery and soon the wristwarmers are ready.I have also done 2 small hearts in cross-stitch to use on a patchwork block and one for a small bag to a secret friend.I'm so happy to have a little time to do something just for joy.As I have a full-time work it's hard to fullfill all dreams

We have just a lovely wintertime with snow and not so cold days.The daylight comes but still we have to dark to feel the real happiness.

This weekend I go to Gothenburg,a town on the west coast of Sweden.I'm going to visit the WorldCulture museum and a lovely yarnshop,I think it's called Sticky.During the weekend we have a meeting about weaving.

As I already go on Friday morning I wish you a wonderful weekend.I hope I can send some pictures to this blog next week.

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