Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Dear all

I have been on a short travel to Malmö and I could see the big bridge tfrom Malmö(Sweden)to Denmark even if it was really stormy and snowy.We were having a break at a wonderful café in Malmö-Les trois roses chocolaterie.So much chocholates,both swedish and from Belgium.And a cup of tea.And we saw a wonderful arrangement of tulips and other green "flowers" on a table outside a flower shop.Many french tulips.Just so fantastic.

During the time since I wrote to you I have been crocheting and I hope I can show some pictures later.The last 2 weeks have been full time at work and many things to do privately.

Dear Bea and you all.I have bought some new kits and I have found some patterns for free on the internet.Not a stitch in 2 weeks.I long for it but sometimes we need more hours then any day and night can give us.

Take care of you

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