Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winteractivity in cross.stitch

My latest embroidery is from a pattern in marieclaire idées Décembre 2005.A pattern I have followed not to 100% but nearly.I'v added DMC silver and perhaps I havent used the right colours because of the diffucult colour marked only with colour and not with symbols.When you do wintermotive and not have 100% good to see,it's really hard.

I really enjoy the magazin and often they have a nice pattern too.We have differnt styles on our patterns and also colours used between the countries.Another thing I'm very fond of is when they use white or red on natural line,not any other colours.I think this is a great tradition in France.Very beautiful and very inspiring too.Something I want to do sometimes.

Tomorrow I start working full time and the "stitching honeymonn" has ended.I have to do a scar,knitted,to my son befor Sunday and prepare a little for the course during the weekend.I hope I can do some stitches on a RR I have..

I wish you all my friends a nice new week this new year 2006


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Maureen said...

Happy New Year my friend!
Are you taking part in the Chain of hearts swap this year?

Maureen said...

Mike I went to your blog but couldn't find where to leave a message.Check out
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Bea said...

Ulla, how are you?
You've not been posting for some days. I hope you're busy with stitches.