Friday, May 26, 2006

Dancing in the summer

The birches are green and the nights are without darkness.The girls are dancing celebrating the summer.This reminds me of the Midsummernight(June 23/24) when we have these types of decorations with flowers and leaves on a big "cross".This night you pick 7 sorts of flowers under your cushion and you are going to dream of the one you are going to be married with.Well I did it when I was young and only once I saw a man in grey clothes-no face-very alike the one I was in love with.No it was not the one I'm married with.It was only a wish I had at that time-I was about 17 years old.An unhappy love as often at that time.

I have had a day free.2 days more.Tomorrow I send away presents for some friends and enjoy the summer

A xstitchpal ,Fleur,sent me this lovely card.

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