Saturday, May 27, 2006


This is a crocc-stitch a swapfriend(Fleur) from xstitchpal did for me.This reminds me of the Midsummer night June23/24 and I was a young girl.They told us to go picking 7 sorts of flowers and put them under the cushion and then I could dream of the man I was going to be married with.Yes when I was about 17 i dreamt of a man in grey suit.I saw no face.Well it could be...perhaps blonde hair.I was in love with a boy....was it ..?No if you believe in dreams it was my DH blonde hair.

In Sweden we have a long cross "dressed" with flowes and leafs and...and we dance around this on the Midsummernight and it's called with something like The pole of the Midsummer.

Thank you Fleur for a lovely picture giving me so many nice and a little sad memories.

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