Monday, May 22, 2006

Squares,the springtime and a skein from my one skein SP

The spring is here and the green and yellow/gold colours dominate as well.I'm a member of the Project Spectrum swap and the colour for May is green and for June my favourite colour blue.

Thank you my One-skein SP who sent me a lovely ribbon yarn in blue/lilac and gold.A yarn combined with a skein in one colour of blue or lilac I think is going to be just perfect for.....I have not decided what.It came today a long way from Singapore.What a surprise and I really love it.

Granny squares in cotton are wonderful to do and I really feel happy to do them because you have so many possibilities.The green one contains of DMC perlé nr 8 and the other one in thicker yarn.A perfect crochet for a summerday sitting in the garden.

I love theese days with sunshine and warm weather and the daylight nearly 24 hours.You can walk in the sunshine,you have very good light for crochet,embroidery,knitting...... It's easier to live this time a year.You can for a while forget the bad,cruel things you see or read about.
Now I have so many projects for the holidays but too many I think.In three weeks I start a 9 week long summer holiday.


Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

Hello Ulla !
Du soleil !!!! cela fait du bien !
tes paysages sont beaux aussi sous le soleil !
A bientôt

Ulla said...

Hello Pascale

Today we got a lot of rain and it's a garden even moore green.
Have a nice week