Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crochet links and One-skein-swap

I found a good link with some free patterns in crochet.Perhaps you find something to do.

And another free only today- a sweet bookmark

I have done the front of my bag so now I begin with the back.A nice knitting.We still have a lovely summertime so I hope I get it ready very soon.

Yesterday I'v got a little skein,40g,Musique from Christal Palace-45% acrylic,40% wool,15% cotton in One-skein-swap.I knitted wristwarmers in it.It was so short -about 50 yards so i couldn't do so much.The yarn is ok but it was hopeless to rip up and it's a little to much combination for me.I never buy this type of yarn myself.I often use cotton or 100% wool or silk.The best for our climate is wool for the winter and cotton for the summer.Sometimes I use a combination of wool ans silk.

Soon I'm going out for a walk,a lovely walk along the blur river.


Bea said...

Dear Ulla,
thanks for all your adorable comments on my blog. I didn't forget what I have to send you. I have not had enough time to send you the envelope but it's ready to go!

Ulla said...

Dear Bea

I'm so happy reading your lovely blog and I'm so inspirated.I start with Daisy.....soon.I bought yarn so....maybee tomorrow morning.I cant wait.Lovely spring colours.
I'm looking forward your letter with the pattern.But I can wait.
Ulla wishes you a lovely day

Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

Hello Ulla
c'est gentil à toi de mettre de gentils commentaires sur mon blog ! ainsi tu connais plein de villes en France ! c'est super ! je ne crois pas que j'irai un jour en Suède mais sait-on jamais ???