Monday, June 26, 2006

A new knitted bag

The new knitting for me during the WM in football.Yes I needed a new thing to concentrate on and I found a KAL and a pattern a little odd and I think nice.Now I'm on the third pattern row on this.I use natural coloured cotton,Järbo 12/6 and I knit with 2 threads on 4 1/2 mmm.

We have had the lightest night of the year now and it turns to darker periods.We have had a lovely time during the Midsummer and I could be knitting in the garden too.The Midsummer is really a magic time with the nights without darkness,the birds singing and all the flowers that come after a long winter with snow and cold times.

Sweden is not longer in WM.Now I can enjoy every game.I liked the meeting between England and Ecuador but the meeting between Portugal and Holland was really not but a chaos and not a good sportmenship at all.

Today I knit a little and hopefully take a long walk.


Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

Il est rigolo ce sac, et original !!!!
dommage pour l'équipe de Suède...mais la France ne devrait pas aller loin non plus....

Ulla said...

Dear Pascale

My bag is not so big and not so "fluffy" as the original and that's good.I don't like very big bags.I'm not a tall woman at all so I don't want to have a big bag traveling with a small lady
Have a nice time

Mimi said...

Cant wait to see your bag, Ulla, that design is wonderful! I think I'll attempt to try it in crochet...

Ulla said...

Dear Mimi

I think it would be possible to do a design in crochet with a beautiful result.I have done nearly the front now.I don't know yet how I do the finish of the bag.
Have a nice day