Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer SP on Crichetville and relaxing in my hammock

I'm so happy because my Summer SP on Crochetville sent me the things I really love.Candles so wonderful during our long dark winter.Already in August when we get dark nights I love to have a candle on the table.And the lovely yarn.First of all the turqouise yarn in cotton,exactly for a a little doily.The pink yarn I think I can do some rose doilies .And the beads.The brown/gold I think I use for a doily or for wristwarmersThe patterns are so inspirating.

During an hour in the middle of the day I was relaxing in the hammock.It's so wonderful to see the sky and listen to the birds and feel the warm summer wind.Just to be,not anything else and I really could hear what I thought and I got fresher thoughts.....

Catch the day/the hour/the minute/the second.

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