Thursday, July 06, 2006

WM-knitting and crochet

It has been a nice period of wonderful weather and good football to listen to.
Tha bag Fake..gama,a KAL I was in has this result,not ready but nearly.I think it's going to be nice but I have some hours without football to do this to a real bag.A nice pattern to work with and I have made it in double cotton 12/6.

From my One-skein-pal I got a skein of a mixed yarn and this is what I could do of it.Only about 50 meters so ....Nice colours but perhaps a little bit too thick.

From my Secret Crochetville pal I'v got wonderful cotton yarn in turqouise and I made a little doily in it.Wonderful yarn to work with.Anchor Lifestyle.I have more of it and also 2 skeins in a pink and white varigated "Lifestyle".There are going to be more doilies later this year.

Bookmarks which reminds me and you all of the lovely summertime and all the wonderful flowers we just now have here.These are going to be sent to friends in a bookmark swap on Crochetville.

Next project is a bag in patchwork and cross-stitch.
Now I go out in the lovely warm air and wish you all a lovely time

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Mimi said...

That's a wonderful knitted bag, cant wait to see it finished!