Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A new day and little "bag"

A wonderful day -a day without any work but what I choose to do.I'm going to do a "bag"A blogfriend has done the instruction to all of us.

We have + 0.2C and a little snow comes.The daylight grows and the darkness leaves us more and more.The landscape is covered with a thick cover of snow and the river has very good ice so ot's possible to use it for skiing,going by snowscooter or what you want.Not until the beginning of May we have an open river.


Chie said...

Hi Ulla! :)
I know having lots of snow and being cold outside can be hard, but I just wish I saw snow this year! I'm a little jealous of you. :) We had a warm winter, and now I'm starting to see birds and flowers so I guess spring is here already... Not that I don't like spring, but I just miss snow and a cold winter.

Ulla said...

Dear Chie

We really have great differencies between the seasons and I love it.The darkness is hard and just now we feel a little bit euphoric when we get more and more daylight and sunshine.This afternoon we have a lot of clouds but I hope tomorrow we get a new white day.
Have a nice weekend