Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Socks in the special pattern I saw on mittens from Rovaniemi and my day

Wednesday-a new day with new adventures.

Another interesting blogger from Finland with knitting as a speciality.
March 4 she tells us about socks her aunt makes .They are in the same technique as the Rovaniemi mittens.
I'm knitting a second potholder for a swap in blue with an edge in white.
Tomorrow I start a little bag/purse I found on the blog of Hideko and Ati.
Have a nice day


Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

hello Ulla ! c'est bientôt le printemps et le soleil va revenir !!!
à bientôt !

Ulla said...

Dear Pascale

We have to wait until the middle of May but....
Springtime is a time of promises.
Have a nice weekend