Thursday, June 21, 2007

Midsummer in the north of Sweden

Today 21June we have the longest day this year.Oh this beautiful daylight.

About swedish Midsummer celebrations.
Here in the north of Sweden we really have nearly no darkness at all.We really enjoy the summer now .Tomorrow it slowly starts to turn to.....

We are going to be at home enjoying being together ,both the sons are at home.We are also going to enjoy being in the garden and enjoying being active in the nature.We are going to have barbeque tomorrow and maybe we can sit in the garden eating our dinner.

I wish you all a nice summertime.


Freja said...

Hejsan Ulla! tänk att jag hittade din blogg, av en slump ska jag väl säga men det är kul för nu kan vi ju hålla kontakten lite. *L*

Hoppas du får en Härlig Midsommar!

Kram från din kurskamrat i östergötland!

Freja said...

ps. Min blogg hittar du på

Tanya said...

If in the summer you have almost no darkness at all, does that mean that in the winter you have almost no sunlight at all? Wow! Of course our days are longer now in Japan too but it still starts to get dark around 7:30.
Enjoy your sunlight while you can!

Ulla said...

To freja
Tack "freja"för besöket-jag blev mycket glad.

To Tanya

Yes it means we have a lot of darknes and short time of daylight.
We have a lovely time just now.We really enjoy the life.
Have a nice time

feedestiroirs said...

hello Ulla !
l'été commence avec la pluie ici ! et il fait plutôt frais pour la saison !!!
bon été à toi, au nord de la Suède !