Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink little "bag" for my cellphone

A lovely free day celebrating knitting and I made this

First it was going to be a bookmark but too big and I have so many .As I'm a member of a knittingroup making bookmarks every month we get lovely patterns every month.To do a bookmark is a perfect piece to use a special pattern on and to do small presents .Now I felt this would be a perfect "girly" thing.....well also elder ladies with silver in her hair can use pink,a perfect combination with pink and silver.

Tomorrow we have the last day of our course.On Friday we made an exhibition with things we have done.10 ladies-yes we have been creative and now we have our "exam"


Mimi said...

Its a lovely cellphone bag, Ulla. Nice lace design, wish I could learn that in knitting too...

Ulla said...

Thank you Mimi

I also hope you have time to learn later.Just now I can see you really work hard with crochet and design.
Everything(nearly) is possible ,it only takes time.
My best regards