Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime in the north of Sweden and new photos

The sun is shining and we have green garden and some flowers too.Just a fantasic time.
After a month full of work I try to give you some glimpses of the nice things.
First of all I want to mention "Sommarslöjd" on
where you can see a lot of laces as crochet,bobinlace,embridery,tatting,print.....both old and new design.Most of all I was fascinated in purses decorated by crochet, a crazy but beautiful combination.And so many braclets and other decoration.Thick yarn or thin metalthread or...If you are in Stockholm during the summer go and visite the exhibition.I hope I can do one more purse using a little doily, crochet one,tatted lace and some embroidery on.

On flickr I have some new pictures of purses I have made during the course and some CQ for Christmas-a heart and a tree.2 blocks for a RR on crazyquiltinginternational and 2 blocks I hope reulting in a "chicken"or a......I'll tell you later what I made.

I still work 2 weeks before my holidays so we have a lot more to do before.After that I hope I can have more time to do small projects,be outside walking or....and enjoying meetings with friends and family. I get a little more time to blog , to write letters,snailmails , and read books.

I wish you all a lovely time

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