Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Midsummer

My favourite flowers in the garden or in the surroundings today.
Mimi asked about the names of the flowers and from the above
Crane´s bill
Lilies of the valley

A long time ago they belived that 7 flowers ,picked on different places and you needed to go over 7 fences ,under the pillow on Midsummer Eve until Midsummer Day and you have dreams about the one you are going to be married with.Today there are not so much fences and we don't think it's possible.
This night is the lightest night and therefore it's a magic night.Everything can happen!?????!!!!!

Today we also celebrate the one who baptized Jesus,Johannes.


Sayani said...

that is really very enriching snaps
nature and its gift to us !!!

Chookyblue...... said...

nice flowers..........

Mimi said...

Hi Ulla,
Those are lovely flowers...are all those different? please tell me their names as I don't know much about flowers.

Yasmin said...

Gorgeous flowers , Ulla. Thanks for sharing. I love in a desert country and truly appreciate the beauty of nature, flowers, greenery!

Ulla said...

Dear friends.
We have a short but green and flowerful summer.So happy I could give you a little eyecandy.Have a nice day.