Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May miniquilt for Kathy and the may quilt from Kathy

The May quilt from Kathy.A red little quilt and a sentence from a lovely Christmas song.

This miniquilt (about 7"x7")I made for a swap friend in Canada.I wanted to do something traditional but also a combination of colours and fabrics reminding of Canada,Japan where my eldest son loves and the swedish summer .The yo-yo flower is made of a fabric that reminds me of the swedish summer.

If you are interested in this small quilts we swap you find the flickr group here


Umme Yusuf said...

It's lovely, the colors perfectly represent Canada and Japan and Swedish summer.

PAULE said...

Too cute ! Thanks for the link.
Paule - Reunion Island

Ulla said...

Beautiful quilts and more fun to see in Flickr, thank you. The log wall behind your quilts make me want to go to Lappland or a Finnish summer cottage by a lake.
regars from Ulla/kotkarankki

Mimi said...

The miniquilts are so lovely!