Saturday, August 09, 2008

Knitting during the OS in Beijing

I'm knitting during OS in Beijing (a pair of socks first of all) and I participate on
Here you can see what the members do.We talk about OS but mostly about our knitting adventures.It's really inspirating and also very good to use some houres of knitting every day.Just now i have 4 days left of my holidays so i also can see some of the competitions which start early in the morning.Today I enjoyed Women football between Sweden and Argentina,between China and Canada and Japan and USA in vollyball(women).I also saw some swimming but not so much.In the meantime I'm doing a doll quilt too but I can't show you anything today.


Anonymous said...

Vilken vacker socka! Nu är sista Hemlispaketet på väg till dig, jag lade det på lådanidag. Håll utkik...

urmodern said...

snygg socka! var hittar man skaft mönstret *ler*
Du gör mycke fina saker.