Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The socks are ready and mittens are on the way

I'm so happy the socks are ready and I have had time to start the mittens.I have had a long time a pattern by Emma Jacobsson "Randiga loppan" and I use off white and grey.I'm going to do a change with the knitting of thumbs.We get the autumn and soon we have colder times so it's good to be ready with some knitting before October when we can get cold nights and perhaps some snowy days.

The picture is taken 8.15 in the evening and we really have a lovely sunshine.


staci said...

Love them! You'll be all ready for cold weather with your warm and cosy knits :)

Umme Yusuf said...

These socks are so pretty, I love the colors.

Janaina said...

I got here by Hoe: we are both members.
The socks are just precious. I wish I could knit... =(
Terrific job! Well done!