Sunday, August 24, 2008

OS knitting and the mittens are ready

I'm so happy I have knitted both socks and mittens during OS.Wellcome Autumn.

Have a nice new week


Umme Yusuf said...

Very nice, well done!

Britt-Marie said...


Länge sedan vi träffades men här kommer en utmärkelse på min blogg till dig.


piko said...

nice design mittens!

TvaNystan said...

TACK för det härliga paketet min hemlige vän! Godiset försvann direkt. Vantarna börjar jag på ikväll! Tur att jag inte började publicera mina gissningar på TvaNystan för jag var i fel landsända. (Fy på mig!) För i Morjärv är det vacketr!!!
Tack än en gång //Eva

Kiandra said...

What beautiful mittens! Great job! Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt and great piece of fabric! I love them! and I love the choice of fabric and color (funny is I did the same color scheme for my partner!) for my quilt, my daughter also loves the quilt, she wants it for her dolly, but I will have to wait till I make one for her little brother before I can give it to her for her dolly nursery.

Thanks again so much! and I loved getting something all the way from Sweden, how awesome! even the stamps were beautiful!

Mimi said...

The mittens look so neat and pretty!

Yasmin said...

Congratulations ! You are a fast knitter. Lovely mittens and socks too.
There is an award waiting for you at my blog.

Ulla said...

Your mittens look very beautiful, and they must be warm because the pattern makes them almost double with the other yarn running behind the knitted front. Lovely yarn and lovely colours!

The other Ulla, from Finland