Monday, February 27, 2012

Around the world.

Letters and packages are on the way to USA,Japan,Denmark and to the south of Sweden. A week ago we got a lovely card from our son and his wife visiting an island on the other side of world.What a difference.Here cold and very much white snow,there a lot of sunshine and white warm sand. The stamp we got on the card has an egg form.Very interesting stamp.I love stamps. Yes I´m "old" in many ways,I know ,but this is a fascinating hobby and it's worth being old in many ways.

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Alma said...

Jag är också helt urmodig! Jag var till och med i Frimme-klubben och har fortfarande en samling förstadagsbrev.Jag minns när pappa satt i vardagsrummet och gjorde perfekta stämplar för hand på brev som samlare beställt när postkontoret i Jukkasjärvi stängdes.