Friday, February 17, 2012


A weekend gives you an opportunity to do things you really love.I started the day with a cup of tea,some fruits and some houres of listening to radio programs.Really relaxing.Hopefully I knit some more rows on a shawl I make for charity.February is a month when I focus on charity. www.hjä Next weekend I send away 2 small packages with things. Another passion I have is writing letters and this weekend I hopefully I'm sending letters to Japan and USA. We really give each other glimpses from our everyday life and we write about our hobbies and..... Now it's more than a week without a snail mail in my postbox.Time to write and send away and in a month I hope I get a letter or two.Already I'm longing for that.Maybee you also know someone longing for a letter or a postcard from you? I wish you a lovely weekend.


Alma said...

Jag köpte fint brevpapper på Kiruna bokhandel och efter stallet blir det brevskrivning. Jag gillar riktiga brev, jag också.

be*mused jan said...

It's nice to find mail in your mailbox, isn't it? I think it's lovely that you continue to write *real letters*...sadly, it's becoming a lost art.

Pumlans flitiga fingrar said...

Ja, visst är det kul med ett "riktigt" brev nu och då. Jag har också lärt mig uppskatta e-post, som gett mig många fina brev per dator!