Saturday, December 19, 2015

A relaxing Saturday and KAL starting on the Christmas Eve.

Yesterday I'v got a lovely pot with Christmas roses from a dear friend at work.It's the first time with the white Christmas roses, for us I have only artificial ones.And the Santa pot is just georgious and it's an old one her grandmother had  a long time ago.I'm so blessed having my friend.We have the same working room and we have the happiness to meet each other 4 days a week.To have someone to deal bouth happy things and things we have so hard to handle with.

The first KAL is  wooly cap/hat,is going to be presented on as a mystery's a KAL you can need at least 10 different colours or 3 colours or.......can it be inspired by knitted things on Shetland island or Estonia or Latvia.....?So exciting.
I have 3 options.
*white and grey colours
*Bright colours where I', going to use mini skeins from my stash
*Jamieson & Smith yarns in different colours

The second on is on Ravelry .She has a blog too.
we are going to use the yarn we want and I only think we are going to choose our pattern ourselves.
as you can see she has a videopod you can look on.I'm so fond of different ones .It's so wonderful to follow knitters who really are knitting a lot.
I love to listen to and learning more about knitting.They also have lovely pictures.The pod is only in swedish.

The Christmas days are going very fast so I'm not going to have so much knitting time.The things I'm going to do I'm going to blog about.

I'm so happy to see several friends have been visiting my blog.So happy if you write some comments too.Wish you a nice time.

See you very soon

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Alma said...

Vad skönt att det går att kommentera, vilken fin bild! Det ser verkligen julmysigt ut. Jag är cokså så gald att få dela rum med dig nu när tiderna är tuffare än vanligt. Hoppas du kan komma förbi och se hur skottningen fungerar=)