Saturday, December 26, 2015

The second Sunday in Christmas and a KAL

The second Sunday in Christmas and we have more relaxing day.My sister with her DH gave us lovely tulips when they were celebrating Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day with us.In the background you can see a wreath made by the wife of my son and we have had it for some years.Still it's so beautiful.We have had warmer days than usual,more like spring days and with very little snow.Yesterday it was raining.Totally crazy.

As I told you I'm going to participate in some KAL but the only one I have started is the Christmas Eve can see a OPAL skein of varigated yarn with a sparkling thread.A very nice knitting in my favourite colours.

Wish you all a nice time.
I'm so happy to get some comments from you so please go on giving them.I love comments from you.


Anonymous said...

Själv deltar jag i nördic knittings stickkal och njuter av det för fullt:)

Men ett par sockar till är aldrig fel!

God fortsättning på julen:)

Sheryl S. said...

Gorgeous red tulips for Christmas and pretty wreath