Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas is on its way

Dear all

I have been doing some embroidery .First of all an angel for a card to Wendy and Jean,finds at xstitchpals on yahoo.I have used DMC-gold ,DMC cotton amd some beads in gold on Aida.Fleur is another lovely lady who was the first lady who sent me a card this season and to her I sent a Christmas tree on Aida

A Christmas ornament I haven't decided what to do with but I hope I can use it to a card for a friend.
From Jean I'v got an angel in cross-stitch and she also sent me another card and a little surprise.More of that another day.tina sent a little bear .These 2 cards are very very beautiful and this was my first swap cards.So happy.

The needlebook in crochet ,pineapple,is something my teacher in textile handicraft showed me and I really want to do something like this.Perhaps I use another type of yarn then DMC perlé which is too soft .

Iwanted to use a pattern of a basket and I counted wrong and I had to change it.I like the result with silkribbon flowers.Sweet one.I think I found a pattern on Kreinik.It's an own version.

Today we have had Santa Lucia, a "queen" coming with the light in these dark days.It's a saint from Syrakusa who is the one we celebrate.The Santa Lucia and the other girls and boys sing so beautiful songs,often christian songs.They come in the morning when it's still dark outside and it's really some minutes of silence and lovely songs and musicThis is about 08.30 in the morning.

Enjoy life and take care of you.

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