Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 lovely summerdays

A lovely day with my friend

Once a year a good friend of mine and I do something together.We live so far away from each other but we try to get some houres when she comes visiting her father.
First of all we went to the new Cultural house in LuleƄ
What a wonderful library they have.What a great part of the house celebrating books and other media.What a happiness to be a librarian in this library.
In this house they have a exhibition hall for modern art,they have wonderful concert halls,some restaurants.We had a lovely lunch and a wonderful time to talk about life,art and handicraft.
We also was visiting a museum and could see a wonderful exhibition with embroidery and weaving art.

Update on the Quaker sampler
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It's a picture taken 8.30 in the evening.I love the summer and the handicraft.
Have a nice time


Mimi said...

That is a magnificent library!
Your embroidery is looking very good :)

Ulla said...

Thank you dear Mimi.I really enjoy emroidery just now and this is really a nice one.