Sunday, July 15, 2007

Embroideries and Yo-Yo

It has been an inspirating time with embroideries.Still I have vacation and every morning I take the chance to do something in textile.In the beginning of the week we had rainy days and I needed to do some nice things.First I made 2 patchworkblocks for a swap-no photos and I hope to get more time for quilting later this month.

First of all I made a little card reminding of east Asia-a combination of embroidery and a bead from China.When I was in Beijing we also visited a place where they did these beads and so on.Later on I have been thinking of the bad situation for the workers doing different luxury products for us.

Then I have been doing an embroidery of a Flower girl,mostly in metallic DMC,a little cotton and beads from Mill Hill.I'm a woman often dressed in jeans but I love to create the opposite,dresses ans do on decorated with beads and "gold and silver".I love to work with crazy patchwork too.When I was a little girl I loved to be a princess or an angel and my mother made me dresses and wings,not so expensive ones but I felt I was a princess or an angel.It's good to have the fantasy...even when you are older.The last days I have been in another world full of luxury......well DMC-metallic and beads......
Yo-yo is a nice way of doing a little decoration.Click on links on the link above and you find a lot to be inspitated of.
An example I also found today.Maybe it's not so practical but....

A new week starts and I have started a Quaker sampler
DMC 3808 on white linen fabric.
I love doing one or two motives a day.Now we have warm and sunny and it's also a perfect embroidery when you enjoy sitting in the garden

Have a nice week all my friends


Freja said...

Oh, vilken underbar blomsterflicka. Hon ger verkligen intryck av att vara skir.
... och du... du är en ängel så det är väl inte så underligt att du ville vara i den skepnaden när du var barn.

Ulla said...

Tack Freja.Det värmde.

Tanya said...

Hi Ulla,
I mailed your chart today ~ enjoy and thanks again for entering the HEDWIG giveaway!

Ulla said...

Thank you Tanya for the lovely pattern and your kindness and inspiration.I'm so honoured.You make me so happy.

Marisa said...

I'm in love with your YoYo's. I have an entire quilt started with bags of them waiting to be put together. Will blog about them soon!

Ulla said...

Dear Marisa

Yes I love them too and it's a perfect little work when you want to do something fast but also nice and filled with possibilities