Friday, July 06, 2007

What I did this morning

Dear all

A sunny warm morning in the north of Sweden and The Sampler girl had a sweet little square with "Harry Potter" as the theme.A freebee just to use at once.I used both silk,linen and cotton yarn on this little embroidery on Aida because the early morning was really early and no shops were opened .Thanks Tanya for a lovely morning.

July 6

Go to her website too and you find other freebees too and she has a great number of lovely patterns to buy too.

I have lovely memories with the first book about Harry Potter.My youngest son and I we read the book ,some pages each,and we had so many nice evenings reading and enjoying the story.
Now he is 19 ......


Barbara said...

I have special memories of the first Harry Potter book, too. It was the first Christmas I enjoyed with my DH, and the first time he'd met my family. He gave me this book for Christmas that year and I cherish it still. :)

Ulla said...

Thank you for sharing your memory of Harry Potter and your DH.A lovely memory.
Have a nice Sunday

piko said...

Ulla,thanks for visiting my blog.I have some freebie from the samplergirl site.They are so nice! :)

Ulla said...

Dear Piko

I have started Summer in Tuscany-beautiful colours and therefore a really summer square.
Have a nice weekend