Thursday, July 26, 2007

A trip to Gammelstad

I visited a wonderful place 80 kilometers from my home.A world heritage.
A sunny day and I went to Gammelstad visiting the old church and the special "village" with small houses used in the past when we had to go to church some holidays every year.Well it's a long time ago when there were no cars or something else that made it possible to go home sleeping and then come back next day.You can find many pictures on the link above and 3 on my flickr.

On where they had a handicraft day.You could see people doing tatting,felting,knitting,doing braclets and so on.I met my secret friend from Stickamera-well now she is not.Our secret period is over.

and we had a lovely chat.

I aslo met some other friends who also was knitting and so on.Sorry I took no pictures.I forgot.So sad.There are so many very good people working with different handicraft.Tomorrow, Friday 27.7, they are also showing what they do but I have no possibilities to go.Thank you all for some lovely houres.I hope we meet during the autumn/winter having more interesting houres/days.


Freja said...

Oh, vad har jag missat nu då! typiskt mig! Jag är ju häruppe i dina trakter och idag har jag inte gjort annat än suttit och stickat och pressat i solen. Hoppas du har det jättegott vännen!

Mimi said...

Very interesting the Church and town is! It looks so cold there too...
The beaded handicrafts are lovely!

Ulla said...


Det ante mig att du var på semester.Evenemanget var mycket trevligt.Hade jag vetat så....Vi har det alldeles utmärkt annars.Att semestra i närområdet är inte tokigt alls.

Ulla said...

Dear Mimi

We have great differenses between the seasons.Now we have summer and it's warm-not so warm as you have but in wintertime it can be really cold but so beautiful.
My best regards