Monday, January 11, 2021

 A New Year is here January 4 my son made ice lanterns .It took about 14 hours .Outside it was really cold.

                                                    Wish you a Happy New Year  2021

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The second pair of mittens are inspired of mittens I found in an old magazine of Amirisu .They are made in Tove ,also a yarn 100 % wool,and the mittens are going to be felted a little too so they are going to be warmer.
Annas mittens ,a reconstruction of mittens she made for me many many years ago.The colors and the patterns are inspired by sami mittens and hand weaved bands in the area of Jukkasjärvi and Karesuando.
I have been knitting in Siessa,a "kamgarn" 6 ply in wool, and I have bought the yarn on

To do these types of patterns are very very relaxing to knit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A winter weaving in "bunden rosengång"

December 26 and we have a lovely winter day in the north of Sweden.
I want to send you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New year with this winter  picture of a weaving I made.It´s made in "bunden rosengång".I used thin wool yarn,hand dyed ,and in warp a thin cotton warp .

Wish you a nice winter day

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Wellcome to my blog again.I have decided to start my blog again and it's going to be  about handicraft,both what I'm doing and what I'm inspired of.

Today it's the first Sunday in Advent and we have candles brightening the day.It's a very short period of daylight here in the north.This time a year I try to knit socks to the family  and I'm giving it as a Christmas gift

A very inspiring blog with  a very nice Christmas pattern in cross stitch.I don't who the designer is.

Wish you a nice day

Friday, April 21, 2017

December 2016 Japan

December 23 our second little grandchild was born and I had the chance to meet her a few days before I had to go back to Sweden.Her name is Clara.What a happiness.Hopefully they are visiting us in July.

In the end of my visit we were visiting this store where you could buy wool and you could learn how to spin yarn.A heaven for a spinner but I'not yet there.

You can find information on As you can see they have contact with Sweden and they have travels to Sweden too.Many thanks to Ulla-Karin on who was the one who gave me this adress.

In this part of Tokyo,I think it's called Kichijoji,we found a little place where you could buy small items,yes small items .Kawai.Very near the woolshop "ananda".We also saw people waiting for the chance to eat something,maybe a pizza.The place where you could it this is very small too

Yes Mumin is popular in Japan.No we didn't wait for a chance to eat but it seemed to be a cute and nice place.

Mittens in April

Dear all

Our workshops in different pattern traditions in Sweden have ended.6 weekends  from September 2016 to April 2017 filled with inspirations ,pattern,yarns,needles,knitting and a lot of knitting chats.Wonderful weekend in Stockholmon Handarbetets vänner on Djurgården.
The mittens in to the left is i reconstruction of a pair of mittens I'v got from a very good knitter and she also made other handicrafts.A women who tried to earn money both as a farmer and a handicraft women.I think it could have been about 1968 or so.The pattern is a combination of different small patterns.The colours she used was red,blue and yellow.These colours were also,still are popular among the lapplanders when they are doing mittens for special situations.It can also be green colours.
When you are looking at folkart costumes you find some of these colours and maybe other too .

The white one is also made in wool,Per Gynt, and in a little lace pattern.Really so nice to knit.These mittens are also made more for special situations

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Skogsmörker -a wristwarmer in Bohusstickning

The first wristwarmer is ready.It's not blocked but you maybe can see the soft fluffy surface.The yarn is made by 50% Merinowool and 50% Angora.As there are many colours ,1 black ,4 green and 3 blue/blue green colurs there has been hard to knit but in daylight.Yes I have been ripping up more than one time but I'm very satisfied with the result.Number 2 is on the needles now.

In this link you can see a modern variation of Bohus knitting but they have used other types of yarn and the designer has done a version of her own.The typical way to do the pattern is to knit some purl stitches here and there.

Here you can find a picture of the one I have done but there is a variation of colour in one "pattern" on the wristwarmer
There are many different patterns for different products and almost every item is made in the yarn with Merinowool and Angora.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas gifts and a Happy birthday my friend a long way from here

                                                       Happy Birthday dear M

Wellcome back to my blog after.The first things I'm going to blog about is Christmas gifts I have got from a dear friend M.The package was filled with lovely gifts.She has made a lovely beanie with cables on,a perfect one to have when the sun is shining and we don't have so cold outside.The picture above is taken when we had - 20.4C.When I came home from Japan we had - 30C.You can see different cards with fruits,one special for every month,for January Anjou Pear.For every month I also can find examples of stitches for every fruit and also yarn to use for the embroidery .Tea bags,cockies and an embroidery or a knitting.
                                                 Thank you so so much for your lovely gifts.
                                                  I wish you a lovely creative year.