Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

Ullas Fiber Blog


This is a crocc-stitch a swapfriend(Fleur) from xstitchpal did for me.This reminds me of the Midsummer night June23/24 and I was a young girl.They told us to go picking 7 sorts of flowers and put them under the cushion and then I could dream of the man I was going to be married with.Yes when I was about 17 i dreamt of a man in grey suit.I saw no face.Well it could be...perhaps blonde hair.I was in love with a boy....was it ..?No if you believe in dreams it was my DH blonde hair.

In Sweden we have a long cross "dressed" with flowes and leafs and...and we dance around this on the Midsummernight and it's called with something like The pole of the Midsummer.

Thank you Fleur for a lovely picture giving me so many nice and a little sad memories.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dancing in the summer

The birches are green and the nights are without darkness.The girls are dancing celebrating the summer.This reminds me of the Midsummernight(June 23/24) when we have these types of decorations with flowers and leaves on a big "cross".This night you pick 7 sorts of flowers under your cushion and you are going to dream of the one you are going to be married with.Well I did it when I was young and only once I saw a man in grey clothes-no face-very alike the one I was in love with.No it was not the one I'm married with.It was only a wish I had at that time-I was about 17 years old.An unhappy love as often at that time.

I have had a day free.2 days more.Tomorrow I send away presents for some friends and enjoy the summer

A xstitchpal ,Fleur,sent me this lovely card.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Squares,the springtime and a skein from my one skein SP

The spring is here and the green and yellow/gold colours dominate as well.I'm a member of the Project Spectrum swap and the colour for May is green and for June my favourite colour blue.

Thank you my One-skein SP who sent me a lovely ribbon yarn in blue/lilac and gold.A yarn combined with a skein in one colour of blue or lilac I think is going to be just perfect for.....I have not decided what.It came today a long way from Singapore.What a surprise and I really love it.

Granny squares in cotton are wonderful to do and I really feel happy to do them because you have so many possibilities.The green one contains of DMC perlé nr 8 and the other one in thicker yarn.A perfect crochet for a summerday sitting in the garden.

I love theese days with sunshine and warm weather and the daylight nearly 24 hours.You can walk in the sunshine,you have very good light for crochet,embroidery,knitting...... It's easier to live this time a year.You can for a while forget the bad,cruel things you see or read about.
Now I have so many projects for the holidays but too many I think.In three weeks I start a 9 week long summer holiday.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

´ May 19 1984 I got my first son.
What a lovely day to celebrate.
I'm so so happy I'v had the opportunity to
give birth to 2 boys.The best I 'v done
in my life.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday my son
Happy birthday to you

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A tree for Christmas in CQ

After 2 day of rain/snow and sunshine I decided to do a little Christmas tree in CQ.Do we get more snow?I don't want Christmas in July even if I love Christmas.The snow melt down.We also had a little thunderstorm so it's really a crazy weather.It's enough to have snow in December.
This is the embroidery I have done and later I put it on a cone by paper used for yarn in silk.Mostly I use fabrics in silk but also 2 piecies of cotton.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let's laugh/smile

Today we have the worldwide laughing day.
Let's laugh/smile and enjoy the life

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The big day

A nice walk along the river this first morning of a new year in my life.The floating ice on it's way to the sea.The ice can be like silver.This is a promise that we have spring and soon the summer.
And I also want to show you my bonsais and a lovely card I'v got in a swap on the theme of oriental.

I wish you all my friends a creative and lovely weekend

Friday, May 05, 2006

It's my birthday today

It's my birthday today and we have a sunny day and the ice is no more on the river.What a day.
I'v got 2 bonsai trees(small ones) and so so many lovely cards.Today my son is going to do my favourite food and we are going to have a nice day,mostly outside when we have such a nice season with about +12 to +15C.A lovely time after a long snowy winter.

From Susan R in birthdaypals I got DMC threads to a little free pattern-Spring-from Lizzie Kate and thats what I start the day with until the other wake up.