Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blue blue..................................................

A Christmas challenge in a patchwork group is to do 24 circles,1.5", and in blue,lilac,white,gold or silver fabrics and with decorations free for every one to choose.Some of my circles have a button on,other have beads or french knots on.Then we are going to have an exchange .I'm so excited to see what circles I'm recieving and in what colours and with what types of decorations.This is going to be one of our Christmas decorations.
2 days ago I got a lovely letter from a friend in Japan.We are writing about our everyday life,about happiness and about sad things.And we are inspiring each other in our hobbies.We love to work with fabrics and with patchwork.In this letter she sent me some cotton "kasuri".In the past this type of fabrics were used in clothes farmers were wearing ,for example coats,pants and so on.They are in a simple pattern but the yarn was prepared for these types of patterns.The third one has a warp with colours in rows and then the weaver only used one dark colour when they were weaving it.I thing we are going to do bags or pouches or....from it.Maybe I do a little drawstring bag. Yes I'm also doing more crochet squares for the warm blanket I'm going to use in the sofa when I'm going to take my power nap. Wish you all a nice new week.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crochet blocks

A beautiful weekend,a little bit cold but a lovely sunshine.Its a perfect time for a walk along the river.This weekend I have had time to do it and I really feel happy for that.Hopefully I`m walking one more time before dinner.The crochet squares for the blanket are 9 just now but I need many many more.As I use the varigated yarnsfor the "pattern" it makes the work much more exciting.Still it's also very relaxing.This morning I also really enjoyed many programs on the radio.Different types of music,news and programs about fashion and many more. Wish you all a lovely new week.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday October 14

The leaves are falling but the garden still is green.I found some flowers in the garden,not common this time a year.Wonderful to have some in a vase on the dinner table.Hopefully we get no snow,not yet.A sunny autumn day can be so wonderful. This weekend my husband has been hunting elks so I have had a lot of time to knit and crochet.The sock sock is a nice knitting and I 'm knitting them in Lorna´s lace sock yarn.It gives a good result and hopefully they are good to wear too. Now I'm also doing squares for a blanket.This is going to take time as I want to do it big enough to have in the sofa when I'm taking a power nap.As I have had a flue for more than a week it would have been nice to have it ready but.....Hopefully the new week goes better. Wish you all a lovely new week

Sunday October 14

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday October 7

Vera Vinter,a swedish singer from our area ,sang a song,Paris,about her grandmother Iris.She was the one who always had time even if she had a lot to do.She was taking care of her children and grandchildren and she was picking berries and learnt the sounds of different birds but.............she never was in Paris.Maybe she never talked about what's now so normal f ex to travel to famous places in the world.Maybe she got her happiness from her family,friends and the landscape she was living inShe said she had lived her life and her granddaughter wondered what she thought of when she closed her eyes for ever.
Still I´m knitting socks and the last pair is in pink silk and wool yarn in a simle pattern but I love it. I made them longer than as the little baby is moving and moving. The autumn is really with us now and the colours are more and more yellow.