Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

This is my latest doily.A lovely doily to do,a free form one but to arrange flowers and leaves took a lot of time.I loved to do it.Sorry to say I had problems to do it ready.My dear mother died the 11th of August and the time was so hard.Even if we knew her days were counted it came so suddenly.Well I managed to do it but....I miss her so .

The autumn is here with the lovely sun leaving us.Oh all these colours .Only a few flower left to bright our day.

We started the course and I was dying yarn in wool and cotton and also yarn in wool and cotton.I also tried to do patterns but I'm not ready with it.
I made 2 blocks with applications and one with an embroidery-both as gifts to friends who love to do patchwork or cross-stitch.Lovely works to do when you have little time but want to do something nice.These blocks are as honey for the soul.