Thursday, February 26, 2009

A mini quilt from a swap friend in Thailand meets our winter landscape

The quilt I sent to my friend in Thailand in black and bright colours.We made two different styles.I choosed a style I couldn't find she makes and now I really hope she likes it.She made a quilt in white,red and blue,colours I love but I seldom use in quilts but in knitting and crochet..So happy she made me.A surprise for me and a surprice for her.A perfect swap.

Today a lovely little mini quilt came to me and she also sent 2 blocks and a summer fabric.Thank you so so much.
The little quilt has hearts appliqued on white fabric and has a frame with squares and stripes.She also has put selvedges around the inner square.A very nice design.
She has done a very bright quilt with a feeling of the summer.Sweden and Thailand have really different climates just now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

Friday February 13 -a beautiful day.

Tulips for the Valentine day

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Gees-Bend" inspired mini quilt from Kim

Kim has sent me a lovely mini quilt inspired by "Gees-Bend" quilts.

It's just a wonderful quilt and she also sent me this lovely summer FQ.I took the photo outside and small snowflings were falling down on them.Winter meets summer in a way.She also sent some other small gifts I really like.Thank you.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

February teacup and a new coaster

A new month full oc chances and surprices.

My teacup is a gift from N and I really love it.I made a little coaster,in an unregular form and the fabric is in dark blue and white.

Have a nice February day.

The handdying course

A day full of colours,yarn,fabrics and a day full of friendship and many interesting reflections over the colour surprices.
The second picture shows my skeins of handdyed wool yarn.
The first little square show my first little play with colours.This little fabric will be used to do a free embroidery on

Here you see some other colour combinations and some dyes fabrics.So much creativity with only 6 colours.

I know that some are going to do shawls,mittens,bags and so on with our yarn skeins.
The colours can be bought on Färgkraft ,a swedish online shop.