Sunday, February 27, 2005

Swedish site-the right adress

The lovely swedish site

Twined knitted mittens

This eekend I have been knitting a pair of mittens in twined knitting.

Here you find an instruction in english.

A good swedish site.
I do the mittens on the top of the page.

Flowers in yarn and decorated with beads or buttons.......

I have been a member on a flower swap.I made these flowers and I really enjoyed it.There are both knitted and crochet flowers.It's so wonderful to use different colours when we have a white sunny winter.I'm a member of a flower swap on Crochetville and I go on with some ideas I have.So so inspirattind to play with yarn and colours.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Felted potholder for Valentine

Happy Valentine Day

I made several potholders this weekend.Lovely relaxing work to knit and then felt it.I found the pattern on a finnish pattern.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

Ullas Fiber Blog

Hello friends

Chie tagged me.Thank you so much.

1.Total number of music files on your computer.
I have 0 but the boys have some.

2.The last cd I bought.
Lena Willemark Windogur.I bought some cd 2004.
3.The last song you listened before you listened to before
reading this message.
I woke up early in the morning listening to the wind blowing outside and the silence when nearly everybody was asleep.
4.Name 5 songs you often listen to or that mean something to you.
1.Silent night.
2.En natt i Santiago.(A night in Santiago)Björn Afzelius
3.Jailhouse rock.Elvis.
4.Gracias a la vida.
5.Le Quattro Stagione.Vivaldi
I also love to listen to music f ex from Cuba,Brasil,Japan(Pride -music to anime the boys have and I love many good pianists playing european classical music ),China,India.....

Well well I listen to many sorts of music I often not remeber artists or singer or player.


Friday, February 11, 2005

February Flower Exchange sent from Sweden

Dear all

I sent flowers to a flower secret friend a long way from snowy Sweden.A lovely swap .A journey in the flower country,knitted and crochet.

My best wishes to you all

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Strikk-a yarnshop I'm going to visite

Dear all

The yarnshop I'm going to visite in Gothenburg is Strikk on Vallgatan.Sorry for the wrong name the message the first of February.

It's early morning and I have been sleeping to short but....a new day is wonderful.I made the legwarmers ready yesterday.


Hello all

I have had a busy week but I have done the mittens ready but no embroidery and soon the wristwarmers are ready.I have also done 2 small hearts in cross-stitch to use on a patchwork block and one for a small bag to a secret friend.I'm so happy to have a little time to do something just for joy.As I have a full-time work it's hard to fullfill all dreams

We have just a lovely wintertime with snow and not so cold days.The daylight comes but still we have to dark to feel the real happiness.

This weekend I go to Gothenburg,a town on the west coast of Sweden.I'm going to visit the WorldCulture museum and a lovely yarnshop,I think it's called Sticky.During the weekend we have a meeting about weaving.

As I already go on Friday morning I wish you a wonderful weekend.I hope I can send some pictures to this blog next week.