Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A time full of inspiration and no pictures on my blog

It's an autumn morning and the nature is in red/green/brown and the clouds don't let the sun shine.
Sorry to say the pictures on my blog is down.Something has happened.

This is a freebee I'm doing just now.We have had a weekend where you have had a celebration of everything that has grown in the garden and for example on Ă–land they have a big weekend where they have pumps with candles in and many artists have open and you can see their paintings or handicraft.Still we have some vegetabilies in the garden but not a long time.We only enjoyed havin candles on our table while eating dinner.

Halloween is nothing I have celebrated but I do this little ornament just because I now love the colours.I also have done crochet in the colours common on Halloween.

Here you also find nice pattern in cross-stitch.
I'm going to do the one with Peace .

We instead have candles on the graves and we have a special weekend when we think of our relatives who are not with us any longer.I'm going to have candles on the grave of my mother and father.

The young ones in Sweden tends to celebrate Halloween.

This is a new magazine I bought and I love the patterns but I think I want to use other yarns.It seems too much thick yarns and not yarn of wool or cotton

I wish you all a lovely day